Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter to Alan Kohler. Time has proven you right and Turnbull wrong, where's the reprise?

Alan Kohler was not just right to ask Malcolm Turnbull why Telstra would play ball with him at all, but why they wouldn't screw him mercilessly. Turnbull's promises are now well past their "use by" date and Kohler could be writing a "please explain" follow-up.

This is the note I sent him asking him to reprise his earlier comments.

From: steve jenkin <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 14:34:05 +1000
Subject: Time for a reprise of the Turnbull/Coalition NBN Election Policy and ?
To: Alan Kohler


We’re coming up to the first anniversary of the Abbott Govt’s electoral victory.
We’ve shelled out $10M in taypayer dollars for reports and 5 of the 6 promised ‘reviews’ have been delivered, along with a much slower rollout and no concrete work plans for The New Better Coalition NBN.

Will Turnbull be able to deliver on his “Cheaper, Quicker and More Affordable” promise?
That ship seems to have long since sailed.
Did the Worlds’ Most Detailed and Comprehensive Business Plan ever by an Opposition mean anything, or was it just a "Hill ‘o Beans?"

I refer you to your agenda-setting series of articles on the Liberal/Turnbull NBN and would like to see a reprise. I find your analyses are always excellent, original and surprising. I don’t presume to know what you might come up with.

Aug-2012, "The Coalition’s NBN policy is madness”. Correctly identified Telstra’s agreement would not be quick, cheap or easy.’s-nbn-policy-madness

Turnbulls attempt at a refutation of your point. Shown to be incorrect by circumstances - still NO Telstra agreement, just as you predicted.>

Apr-2013: Inside Business, "Malcolm Turnbull explains Coalition NBN plan">

Apr-2013: "How Malcolm Turnbull saved the NBN">

Aug-2013: "Turnbull vs Kohler in the great NBN debate">

25-Sep, 2013. "Will the NBN become Malcolm's Mess?”

steve jenkin

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