Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Post election changes to Blogs

The Coalition won the election and now Turnbull has the helm. He will, as promised, execute his three "reviews" of NBN Co, which we can assume will "prove" all the claims the Coalition has previously made to justify giving it away to Telstra, radically redefining its scope and priorities or just shutting it down.

There's not much to say about his actual plans, because we know nothing of them.

The previous blog is now at: http://stevej-on-bband.blogspot.com/

Kohler suggests NBN be given to a structurally separated Telstra

I was unsure why Kohler did two things during the election campaign:
  • 10-Apr, key article, the Coalition "NBN Lite" was good enough.
  • 1-Aug, Kohler v Turnbull interview/debate: NO embarrassing commercial questions asked (Rate of Return, where are the missing financials)
On Sunday, Kohler started his "Inside Business" programme with what I found an amazing pitch:
Telstra should be given the NBN. But first split Telstra into separate wholesale & retail companies.
There have been no significant political stories or movements this week to inspire this remark.
It's straight out of the Liberal Party wish-list, making me wonder about the reasons for the two previous pieces.

If he was reacting to current news, and note that NO contemporary events are mentioned or in fact, any reason or event, then it could be "fair comment" of journalism.