Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dispelling Turnbull's lies: under $50M/year for the extra cost to the taxpayer for the Full Fibre NBN vs mangled mess FTTN/HFC/tin-cans

Turnbull's Big Lie in the 2013 election campaign, and underlying the subsequent Reviews, is simple, profound and very, very deliberate:
What will it "cost" (implied, 'the taxpayer') to build the NBN?[that's the Network rollout, not the company]
Turnbull always knew that the one and only difference in cost to the taxpayer between his mangled copper mess and the Quigley Full Fibre plan was the yearly interest on the difference in Equity 'injected' by the Government into NBN Co. It's why he's worked so hard to discredit the 2012 FTTP business plan, to disguise the real difference between the Plans.

Budget Impact of NBN: it's only Equity investment, no Fiscal Budget Impact. [2015-16]

Sources, quotes and links for Equity Funding of NBN Co.

  • income from Future Fund (earnings) noted in fwd estimates
  • nothing for NBN. [but millions of subs]
The AASB rules differentiate clearly between investments and expenses as only investments provide a return. Investments appear as Capital or Assets on the Balance Sheet, while expenses appear as Expenditures in the Profit and Loss Statement. Depreciation of Investments, their reduction in value, is an expense.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Turnbull's Swearing Staffer, Ellis, charged with indecent act and drug possession.

Post on Pre-election Blog. Turnbull senior adviser, Ellis, has quit. I'm still to get an apology.

There are two issues for me with Turnbull's Ministerial Office and his actions:
  • Anyone in a Ministerial Office, let alone "a senior advisor", doing drugs and behaving badly enough in public to get charged is not a fit and proper person to be on the public payroll or involved in making public policy. This is not "a private matter", this goes directly to the suitability for office and the poor character of the person.
  • Turnbull never offered an apology, never contacted me in any way (nor any of his staff, nor Ellis or Lynch) and issues a rather misleading twitter that "calm restored". Only in his mind and  his staffers.